How to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp Messages

Having access to someone’s WhatsApp messages can make your relationships better and protect your children. Knowing what someone is up to can help you establish peace and understanding in relationships and prevent manipulation. WhatsApp spy is also helpful to parents who want to monitor their children. Parents can use this to track their children’s activities and catch cheating spouses or children. But there are other benefits of using WhatsApp spy. Read on to learn more about these great programs. You will be amazed at how much you can learn about the lives of those around you!

Spyier’s media viewer

If you are interested in spying on someone’s WhatsApp messages, you should install Spyier. This app will allow you to read and download all the messages on your targeted phone. You can even see the display pictures and email addresses of people who message you. You can also download the media files that your target sends and receives. It’s easy to use, and requires no technical knowledge. But you need to be careful because there are some risks associated with this application.


XNSPY is a powerful WhatsApp monitoring software that offers a variety of features for parents to monitor their kids’ social media use. It offers parental controls that enable parents to set a specific amount of time for a child to spend on the platform and restrict the type of content or conversations they can view or listen to. XNSPY’s parental controls are extremely robust and offer the parents complete control over their child’s digital usage.


iKeyMonitor is a powerful WhatsApp spy software that works in the background, recording keystrokes and logging them into a specialized panel. You can view this panel for full details of all activity on the target cell phone, including screenshots, chat conversations, and more.

iKeyMonitor is available as a free download for the Windows operating system. For Android and iPhone devices, it offers a free trial.


If you’re looking for a way to monitor WhatsApp conversations on your child’s smartphone, you may want to consider using FlexiSPY. This software allows you to access the microphone of the target device, so you can listen in on conversations even when the target isn’t using it. But, how to hack someone’s phone there are some drawbacks to FlexiSPY, too. First, you need to know how to jailbreak the device. If you don’t, you can always pay the vendor to do it for you, but that will add to the cost.


There are many advantages of using a WhatsApp spy, and the Hoverwatch app is one of them. This app runs invisibly in the background, so parents can monitor their children without them even knowing. It reports GPS locations to a central location, which you can access from anywhere in the world. The tracking capability is extremely useful in cases where your child loses their phone. You can identify its new owner, if necessary.


Using a WhatsApp spy is a must for parents who want to keep an eye on their children’s online activities. With this application, you can view all the calls, messages, photos, and media shared by your child. The program even allows you to monitor a child’s location. This allows you to check whether they are doing anything illegal. You can also track their call history. You can also track their calls with this app.